Islandora Sandbox

Welcome to the Islandora Community! (Note that all communication in Islandora is subject to our code of conduct).

This demo is loaded with sample content and configurations to demonstrate features of Islandora and provide a starting point for development.  Additional information is provided on the Islandora Website.

The Islandora Google groups mailing list is open to Islandora users who connect to share information. Join Islandora Slack to ask questions and learn more about community events where you can learn more about Islandora. Drupal also maintains a Slack community where you can ask more general questions about Drupal configuration

We welcome you to visit and edit Islandora documentation or submit issues and code to Islandora via repositories in the Islandora Github organization

Thanks, and happy building!

Learn more about Sandbox and get the credentials on the Islandora-community wiki.